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Hashtag Chrome wants to be your go to rim shop in Chesterfield VA. We are conveniently located near Chippenham Parkway and Route 288 making us easily accessible to Richmond, Colonial Heights, Chester, and Midlothian. We carry many different brands of rims and our rim shop in Chesterfield VA also leases rims to own. So whether you are looking for rims to upgrade your ride or you have had the misfortune of bending a rim, we are here for you. We will do our best to work within your budget and find you something that fits your style without breaking your wallet. Below is a partial list of the rim manufacturers that our rim shop in Chesterfield VA carries.


What do you get at our rim shop in Chesterfield VA?

You will get an experienced staff  that will help properly size and install your custom wheels and the right tires for your vehicle. Based on more than 15 years of experience in the industry we back it with a 100 percent guarantee.

Some of the brands we offer include: MKW, Motiv, Cragar, Cruiser Alloy, BMF Wheels, Dale Earnhardt, VCT Wheels, Akuza, Viscera, Starr, KMC, Velocity, Devino, Borghini, Asanti, Forte, American Racing, HD Wheels, Dub, Foose, Niche, Pinnacle, Gear Alloy and lots more!

See below for links to some of the manufacturer’s sites that we carry here at our rim store in Chesterfield VA.

Our Rims – Rim Shop in Chesterfield VA

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